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Healing Through The Arts

Transformative Life Coaching

The Love-More Movement uses Transformative Life Coaching, Healing Circles and social entrepreneurship to bring a creative culture of Love, Hope, Healing, Health, Resilience and Trust to the most vulnerable communities in the world. The Love-More Movements’ universal hashtag states that “#It's Really just a Choice” and “#We Redefine Cool” because we intend to show the world how cool and easy it is to make the choice to “Love-More”. Our team engages youth, parents, seniors and families in creative dialogue, strategically directed to build trust and move to a safe space for healing, honesty, creativity and transformation. The Love More family facilitates a process allowing further discovery and healing from the emotional, social and environmental wounds, barriers and trauma that have impeded our Self Concept, Ability to thrive and Motivation to participate in Healthy, Healing, Loving, Safe, Thriving, Cultural and Drug Free lifestyles. Embracing the energy of Love and Transformation, we are truly Healing Through the Arts. 

Transformative Life Coaching and Healing Circles

The Love More Movement