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Healing Through The Arts

Transformative Life Coaching and Healing Circles

The Love More Movement 

The “Love-More” Memoir’s involve taking a journey of “Introflection” as we move through pathways of Love, Hope, Resilience Building, Positive Motivation and Transformation. This transformative journey starts with open and honest communication and true stories from the Heart.  It’s a “Safe-Space” for us to work through our deepest and most sensitive experiences from a continuum of Worst to Best. The “Worst” being memories and situations that may have one thinking about suicide and/or myriad destructive self-medications to the “Best” being those thoughts and feelings that bring us to spaces of Joy and Success.  #TheLoveMoreMemoir is a medium including meditation/prayer, forgiveness, healing, creativity, communication and support to work through and heal from trauma as well as a celebration of the best moments and experiences of our existence.  This medium is 4 generational including our Great grandparents, Grandparents, Parents and children.