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Healing Through The Arts

Transformative Life Coaching and Healing Circles

The Love More Movement 

Seniors Offering Unconditional Love (S.O.U.L.)

Seniors Offering Unconditional Love are an invaluable resource for the building of Healthy, Healing, Safe, Loving, Thriving, Resilient, Creative, and Drug Free Communities.  When our seniors are empowered and engaged, they have proven themselves to be consistent, patient, conscientious, committed and a passionate force in the resilience building, healing and transformation of our most vulnerable communities. Our SOUL W.I.L.L. Impact communities by offering Wisdom, Inspiration, Love & Leadership.  S.O.U.L. performs a diverse array of tasks connected to Healing and Loving ourselves, families and communities.  These roles include Transformative Life Coaching, Advising, Advocacy, Civic Engagement, Community Service, Social Support and many Management functions throughout all of The Love More Movement’s initiatives.  Our Seniors facilitate healing and engagement platforms within their network of Senior communities as well as with schools, youth, families and specific populations of adults such as returning citizens, the recovery community and victims of violent crimes. They also engage other communities of Seniors as they embark on their own journeys of healing, engagement and transformation.