The Love-More Movement will preserve the viability of indigenous leadership by facilitating the resilience building process and becoming a healing, transformative and contagious social virus in the building of Healthy, Healing, Loving, Safe, Resilient, Thriving, Cultural and Drug Free Communities.
Our vision is Healthy, Healing, Loving, Safe, Resilient, Thriving, Cultural and Drug Free Communities filled with actively engaged indigenous leaders represented by the transformative voices of youth, adults and seniors.

  • One positive thing that we can do in every situation is to Love-More
  • We must Redefine Cool
  • Love-More’s “I.D.E.A.L. Cube” builds Indigenous Leaders!!!
  • Identify Develop Educate Advocate Lead…
    • We discover our true Identity Through cultural Introflection and Introspection
    • We have the Desire and Discipline to Develop our talents
    • We are Engaged in Empowered through Education
    •  We our Activists who believe and embrace our Affirmations and Advocate for the greater good of our communities
    • We Love, Luminate & Lead More
  • The indigenous leaders in the community must lead community change
  • The healing from trauma must precede and/or be a foundational part of human development
  • By Transforming the environment, we can Transform our lives.
  • The biggest community assets exist in the treasures and talents of its people
  • Resilience and Positive Motivation (RPM’s) lead to Transformation.
  • Healed people Heal people.  
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The Love More Movement 

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