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How To Change Your Circumstances

Dr. and Pastor Alfonzo Surrett, Dr. Bruce Purnell, and Attorney Talib Karim come together to share their perspectives to answer the question “What’s Going On in the World Today?” regarding issues surrounding fatherhood, single mother households, voting, encounters with police, and the prison industrial complex (PIC).

They will also recommend changes that we can make at the individual level instead of waiting for our government and elected officials to initiate change and enforce our basic human rights.Type your paragraph here.

Live Blog Recap 5: SAMHSA Conf: Behavioral Health and Well-being: Impact of Trauma, Violence and Stress

Session Description: Examines how trauma, violence and stress are experienced by boys and men of color over their life span. Discussion revolved around understanding how communities of color view stress, violence and trauma and the impact of these experiences when they reoccur over time.

Panelists: Dr. Derek Griffith; Dr. Eric Mankowski; Dr. Bruce Purnell; Julia da Silva, Director of the Violence Prevention Office at the APA

 Posted on Mar-10-2015 by L-Mani S. Viney