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The Love-More Movement

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What can be "Cooler" than Love?  Let's Redefine Cool... It's already been written... Good Wins in the end!

The Love-More Movement consist of a group of Transformative Life Coaches (TLC’s), social entrepreneurs and architects dedicated to bringing a creative culture of Love, Hope, Healing, Health, Resilience and Trust to the most vulnerable communities in the world. The Love-More Movements’ universal hashtag states that “#It's Really just a Choice” and “#We Redefine Cool” because we intend to show the world how cool and easy it is to make the choice to “Love-More”. Our team engages youth, parents, seniors and families in creative dialogue, strategically directed to build trust and move to a safe space for healing, honesty, creativity and transformation. The Love More family facilitates a process allowing further discovery and healing from the emotional, social and environmental wounds, barriers and trauma that have impeded our Self Concept, Ability to thrive and Motivation to participate in Healthy, Healing, Loving, Safe, Thriving, Cultural and Drug Free lifestyles.   

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our history

Love is the most robust and salient protective factor in our social world and is universally understood through our thoughts, feelings, emotions and behaviors. Love is more powerful than logic and science; it is genderless, ageless and affects all sexual orientations, races and cultures. Parents wait for their babies to utter Love as their first emotional, power concept with, “I Love you Mommy and I Love You Daddy” and nobody questions the importance of how this concept will ultimately have the most power in shaping our lives. Love can move us to give one of our own organs so another may live or risk our lives for the Love of freedom, country and family. The concept of Love is connected to the inception of  life (making Love) and is carried with us until death. 


The Love-More Movements’ TLC’s have developed and built transformative platforms and bridges in some of the most challenging situations and environments. This has involved domestic, social and political violence, heavy drug abuse, political unrest, communities plagued with gangs and crews, police brutality, poverty to the extent that children were starving, homelessness, rural communities in America and abroad without drinkable water and refugee communities and villages in other countries that are working through the aftermath of political unrest.  We have also worked with Native American reservations as well as communities with language barriers. The project goal for “Love-More” is to “Love-More”.