The Love More Movement 

Transformative Life Coaches

Transformative Life Coaches, Trauma Informed Care and Tranformational Leadership 

Our Transformative Life Coaches provide Love-More Healing Circles: a creative, strength based approach to Trauma informed Care and Transformational Leadership. We identify and heal from trauma while creating a culture of Love, Hope, Resilience and Transformation within the family system.  We start with trust building sessions facilitating open and honest communication with no judgement, barriers or filters and end with Love More Healing circles where we facilitate a journey to release pain, forgive and embrace positive energy and affirmations.           

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Higher Hopes believes that history and genealogy has the power to lead to liberation. Join the movement!!!

The Dread Sea Scrolls


The Visual and Performing Arts and Entrepreneurship initiatives are housed within the Dread Sea Scrolls

Healing Through The Arts

Transformative Life Coaching and Healing Circles

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